Key Questions to Ask When Interviewing a nurse or clinician to provide health care at home

Hiring a nurse involves a careful selection process to ensure the best care for your loved one. Whether it’s for short-term recovery or long-term assistance, the right nurse can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Asking the right questions during the interview helps assess the nurse’s qualifications, experience, and compatibility with your […]

Analyzing the Shift in Caregiving: 2020 vs. 2015

The landscape of caregiving has witnessed a significant transformation between 2020 and 2015. In the sphere of elder care, caregivers for recipients aged 65 and older are observing notable shifts in various aspects of their responsibilities, notably in the frequency of hospitalizations. As per the “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” report, caregivers have reported a […]

Navigating the Sudden Transition to Hospice Care: A Guide for Families

The journey of caring for a loved one is often filled with moments of tenderness and challenges alike. When the transition to hospice care unexpectedly becomes a reality, it can be an overwhelming and emotional time for families. In the United States alone, approximately 38 million individuals, representing about 11.5% of the population, are caregivers […]