In 2023, nurse burnout is still a major issue in the healthcare industry. Despite advances in technology and improved working conditions, nurses are still feeling the strain of long hours, high stress, and low pay. The pandemic of 2020 has only exacerbated the problem, with nurses facing even more demands on their time and energy.

Signs of nurse burnout may include:

1. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

2. Loss of enthusiasm for work

3. Increased absenteeism

4. Difficulty concentrating

5. Increased irritability

6. Loss of motivation

7. Feeling disconnected from colleagues

8. Feeling unappreciated

9. Increased cynicism

10. Feeling like you are not making a difference

The causes of nurse burnout are complex and varied. Poor working conditions, lack of resources, and inadequate staffing are all contributing factors. The Texas Department of State Health Services projects the number of nurses needed in Texas to quadruple from 2015 to 2030 with an expected shortfall of nearly 60,000 RNs.

In addition, nurses are often expected to take on additional responsibilities, such as administrative tasks, which can add to their stress levels.

To combat nurse burnout, healthcare organizations must:

  • Take a holistic approach. This includes providing adequate staffing, resources, and support. It also means creating a culture of respect and appreciation for nurses and ensuring that their voices are heard.
  • Invest in technology that can help reduce the burden on nurses. Automation and artificial intelligence can help streamline processes and reduce the amount of time nurses spend on administrative tasks.
  • Recognize the importance of self-care for nurses. This includes providing access to mental health services, offering flexible scheduling, and providing time off for rest and relaxation.

Call-Light is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to hospital care. Allowing nurses to control their own schedules, combat burnout, and power up their profession. Here are some features Call-Light offers:

  1. Scheduling: Call-Light allows nurses to choose job opportunities that work with their schedules. Allowing for self-care or mental health days and flexibility in what works with their personal life.
  2. Securely connect with clients to book in-home caregiving jobs that match your skills, rates, location, and availability.
  3. Get lifted, not burned out. When you join Call-Light, you immediately become your own boss. You can easily find clients, book jobs, and get paid what you want — all through a single, secure app. Get Registered.

Nurses dedicate their professional lives to helping others. Burnout, one of the six dimensions of distress, can hinder job performance, change how nurses view their role and even put patients in danger. Professionally and personally, there can be many negative implications. A recent New York Times article, “Your Next Hospital Bed Might Be at Home,” discusses the potential for hospitals to provide care to patients in their own homes. This could be a game-changer for healthcare, as it would allow for more personalized care and reduce the need for hospital stays. This could revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, and could potentially reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients.

Call-light, an app created by a nurse for nurses, will bridge the gap where nurses can take control of their professional life and patients can choose their own nurses with a swipe. Call-Light has revolutionized nurse care at home. Founded in Austin, Texas by Courtney Hogenson, RN, CMC, ALNC this new on-demand healthcare platform is a safe space where patients hire an experienced nurse or clinician of their own choosing for in-home medical care anytime, anyplace.

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