Mom, Registered Nurse, Aging Life Care Expert, and Founder of Call-Light: A healthcare industry game-changer where anyone, anywhere can feel confident hiring a vetted nurse or clinician.

Helping care for others has always been a big part of Courtney’s family and personal life. Both of Courtneys grandfathers battled Alzheimer’s disease and lived in her home while growing up.

“My patients, families and fellow nurses inspire me every day. Two of my most favorite humans beings of all time were this beautiful couple Mr. and Mrs. John and Wanda Chamberlain. They had a remarkable life story, and they opened my eyes, ears and heart to the everyday needs of older adults in this brave, new world.” – Courtney, “I became an ICU nurse at UCLA in 2011 and then transitioned into Professional Care Management, joined the ‘Aging Life Care Association’ and became a full-time RN Care Manager in 2014. I started a Private Duty Nurse Registry called ‘Heal at Home Nursing’ with another RN Care Manager.”

After being in the healthcare industry for many years Courtney discovered something is missing that connects patients to nurses and nurses to patients, directly without any third walls.

“I was hiring a first babysitter for my son in early 2017 when I discovered an app that held trusted babysitter ratings, reviews, background checks, skills, education and more. I thought that would be perfect for my private duty registry, but alas had a newborn and full-time work, so I didn’t pursue it at the time. Five years later and no one has built it for healthcare yet, so Call-Light came back around to me. It just won’t leave me alone until I build it.”

So, what is Call-Light exactly? Let’s break it down. Launched in Austin, Texas, Call-Light is for anyone who has a short- or long-term need for a trusted and skilled clinician. A trusted CareBnB, just like Uber or booking a stay at an AirBNB, Call-Light puts customers in front of matched, rated nurses. The nurses and clinicians who are most popular will have higher ratings and we will track repeat customers. So, the nurses and clinicians who are exceptional will be recognized for that.

“I see Call-Light taking the city, state, nation and then world by storm. I see nurses owning their own Call-Light locations where they call the shots and staff cases for patients and families when needed.”

Call-Light is a trusted site where anyone can feel confident hiring a vetted nurse or clinician anytime, anywhere.

This healthcare site is also dynamic for nurses and clinicians who want to set their own schedules based on their individual needs and availability. Nurses can own when and where to work and who to work for and with…Patients choose nurses and nurses choose patients.

“I know from experience that Call-Light is critical to the world today.”

There is already a crisis in healthcare and caregiving around the world, and people continue to live longer and with more comorbidities, it is a necessity to provide new tools to help alleviate the growing problem. It’s not that there aren’t enough clinicians or people who want to help, it’s that the current healthcare system does not provide a better way for clinicians to directly connect to patients, families and other health care professionals who need their services. Call-Light is the key to solving this ever-growing need.”

Besides launching healthcare industry shakers, Courtney loves to run marathons (completed 2), traveling, skydiving and canyoning in places like Switzerland. 

“I’d say balance is a goal of mine. Some days I do better than others. Like life, healthcare is dynamic, ever-changing. One of my favorite patients of all time Joseph Hyman used to say, “you know if you just try to relax and not fight the waves (of the ocean), and just trust and go with the flow, you will end up where you need to be and you’ll be ok”. This was how he described bodysurfing in the Pacific Ocean by himself (as someone who had lost the use of both legs from a bout of polio in childhood). He loved to body surf by himself without the assistance of a board, life jacket or raft!”

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