Join us in celebrating the 2nd-anniversary edition of “How to Move Your Mom (and still be on speaking terms afterward),” the podcast where host Marty Stevens-Heebner shares a heartfelt collection of resonant stories. In this special episode, we dive into the challenges, profound realizations, and disarming humor that often unfold during later life journeys.

This isn’t just a commemoration, it’s a beacon of hope and understanding for anyone navigating life’s later years.

Tune in to discover here

  • The power of maintaining a positive outlook, even in the face of aging’s adversities.
  • Heartfelt reflections on dreams, life’s transitions, and the profound impact of gratitude.
  • How the memories of grandparents and loved ones shape and enrich our lives.

Don’t miss this extraordinary episode that’s all about celebrating life, wisdom, and the beauty of aging gracefully.